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Dear Lima citizens:

Please read this explanation of proposed  legislation that aligns with what you want.

It's your right to demand favorable changes which benefit you and our community!

In 2018, Michigan residents voted to decide whether to have provisioning centers (places where adults could purchase cannabis legally for medical or recreational use) established in their townships and cities.  As an incentive for the townships and cities who chose to opt in the initiative, a 10% excise tax imposed on the sales of recreational cannabis would be redistributed to the cities and townships, both directly and indirectly for the benefit of the schools and roads within each respective district. 


To illustrate, for every $100 collected by the state excise tax, $15 would go directly to the city and/or township where the provisioning center is located  for the benefit of its roads, $15 would go to the county where the provision center is located for the benefit of its roads, $30 would go to MDOT for the benefit of roads, and the remaining $40 would be used for the benefit of Michigan public schools.  


       Lima Township residents voted 55% in favor for adult use marijuana. (See attached MLive report).  Since 2020, when theMichigan excise tax came into effect, every city and/or township would receive a direct benefit for its roads of $50,000+ for each provisioning center, and an indirect benefit of $150,000+ for its county and state roads for each provisioning center per year.


       In October of 2020, A group of citizens with ties to the community, both business and residential, composed of attorneys, restauranteurs, commercial construction/developers and citizens with existing provisioning centers throughout the state of Michigan, approached the trustees of Lima and asked to establish a provisioning center since (1) Lima citizens already voted in favor of it, and (2) the excise tax benefits are substantial, since in 2020 Lima Township received just over $600,000 in state funds for the operation of the township, thus representing a significant increase in revenues. 


The trustees have not refused overtly to honor the wishes of its residence and allow a provisioning center(s), but they haven't said no either. In essence, they have done nothing, to the township's detriment of being deprived of State funds.  What is even more shocking is that at least 5 provisioning centers in Washtenaw  county deliver to adult users who reside in Lima Township, so other townships and cities are benefiting to the detriment of Lima Township.


The Trustees are allowing Lima’s citizens, both those who favor and oppose adult use marijuana to be exploited by its neighboring businesses.  In March of 2023, the township superintendent was confronted with these facts, and he responded, " my people don't want a (sic) dispensary". 


Politicians not doing their jobs?  Ignoring what the people voted for?  Not surprising.   It is clear that the superintendent and the trustees clearly have a different agenda which is inconsistent with the voters of Lima Township.  When you see one of the trustees, ask them, “who are your so called friends? Who do you work and get paid for?  You are helping yourselves and your friends, but not the people you are supposed to be representing”.  To combat this cabal, this insolence, this basic denial of American citizens rights, we need your help.

We are seeking to have this proposition put on the November 2024 ballot.  

The proposed ordinance is attached and it provides for single licenses to erect a retailer, processor and grower as identified on the map below.  The location is optimal, as it is off of the expressway, with easy ingress and egress, and all customers from the expressway will not pass any Lima residents. 

We require Lima Township residence signatures, all those who are Lima residents and registered to vote.  Actual signatures are required, as the state will not allow e-signatures. 

Since starting our signature initiative we have been confronted with nothing but opposition by the sitting trustees of Lima township which necessitated us to file an action in Federal Court against the trustees for their tyrannical behavior.


Please click the link below and provide your contact information and with your approval, we will dispatch a citizen to meet with you to obtain your signature at your convenience. 

Thank you for your support and standing up against totalitarian behavior.  

Lima Township Residents:  Please complete all fields

Thank you, we'll be in touch!

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